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A biobank is a library of biological samples, such as blood and tumour cells, that medical researchers can use to learn more about cancer, how the disease functions and to trial breakthrough new treatments. Having a biobank means that scientists have immediate access to an array of samples, making research more efficient by saving time and resources previously used recruiting patients.


The objective of the Perkins Cancer Biobank is to improve patient outcomes by providing the tools to develop new cancer medicines and new laboratory tests. The Perkins Cancer Biobank is different from other biobanks as it has been designed to include bio-data as an integral component. The bio-data will comprise detailed information on tumour biology linked to patient outcome data. This novel biobank model will take advantage of new developing technologies to provide the capability for state-of-the-art medical research to contribute to clinical decision making. Explore the Biobank

The Perkins Cancer Biobank is enabling Cancer Research by partnering with new initiatives and research teams developing new cancer treatments including

The Perkins biobank will allow researchers to

  • Investigate the molecular mechanisms that drive certain cancers
  • Establish diagnostic tests to assist with selecting the most appropriate treatments
  • Test new treatments
  • Identify new targets for treatments
  • Find ways to minimise the side effects of harsh anti-cancer therapies

Biobank facilities

  • Freezer room with -80°C freezers
  • -20°C freezers and refrigeration storage
  • Liquid Nitrogen storage, and
  • State of the art data processing


The Perkins Phenomics Australia Node funded through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) is working with the Cancer Biobank to generate Patient Derived Organoids for discovery research and preclinical evaluation of new and repurposed drugs.

Privacy and ethics

The Perkins Cancer Biobank was established in 2017 following widespread consultation with multiple stakeholders including consumers, clinicians and researchers. We continue to work closely with all parties as the Biobank develops. The Perkins Cancer Biobank has ethics approval from The Sir Charles Gairdner Osborne Park Health Care Group (SCGOPHCG) Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

Patient privacy is paramount and all samples and data are de-identified as they are entered into the biobank. The Perkins Cancer Biobank operates in accordance with The National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research 2007, (Updated 2018), and The WA Government Guidelines for Human Biobanks, Genetic Research Databases and Associated Data.  In addition we are guided by The Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles.

We are very grateful to all our participants; your generosity is helping to improve the health of our community.

Perkins Cancer Biobank Dashboard

If you are interested in accessing Perkins Cancer Biobank samples in your research, please email us.


Dr Louise Winteringham

Dr Louise Winteringham

Biobank Chief Investigator

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