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We believe that when you bring together the kind hearts of our community with the expert minds of our scientists – you spark great things!

You can spark scientific breakthroughs which brighten hope for families.

As a Spark member, your kind monthly gift ensures life-saving medical research can continue without interruption.

Medical advances have drastically improved the survival rates of many diseases, but there are still too many people suffering and dying from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and genetic diseases. Research is the only avenue to ensure better diagnostic tools, kinder treatments and improved survival rates. And, by joining The Spark, you are helping to spark more breakthroughs.

By making a manageable monthly donation to the Perkins, you join a special group of people supporting new treatments and cures for diseases to keep families together longer.

Perkins research teams currently rely heavily on a challenging grant funding model – that is, short term and often restrictive. Unfortunately, only 16% of medical research grant applications are funded nationally, despite some researchers spending months each year on submissions for projects with lifesaving promise.

You have the power to change this.

By providing a vital source of stable and predictable funding to Perkins researchers through The Spark, you’re supporting them to do what they do best and that’s tackling the diseases that most affect our community and loved ones.

You can spark the next breakthrough and bring hope to families right now.

I’m ready to spark the next breakthrough!

With the knowledge of our researchers and the kindness and passion of people like you, there will be many more lifesaving breakthroughs ahead.

As a member of The Spark, your kindness and friendship are never taken for granted. In return for your investment and commitment, you will:

  • Have complete control over your monthly gift. You decide how much you give and how long for.
  • Hear about how your support is changing lives through your very own regular impact report.
  • Receive exclusive invitations to visit the Perkins and see first-hand how your gift is sparking the next big breakthrough.
  • Receive a welcome pack that outlines your impact.
  • Be introduced to Jenny – your Spark contact at the Perkins.


Contact Jenny Grice
Supporter Care Coordinator

Email Jenny
Phone (08) 6151 1220



The Perkins is proudly West Australian. Your donations drive research with a local focus and a global impact.

$1 = $3.90

Medical research makes cents. For every $1 you invest in in medical research, Australia enjoys a $3.90 return on investment. (source: AAMRI)


100% of your donation supports WA research.  Your investment keeps our labs running  ensuring promising research projects can reach their potential no matter what. Thank you.


Scientific breakthroughs can take years to accomplish, but our commitment to better health is unwavering. We won’t stop searching for life-saving answers because we know that families are relying on us to do whatever we can to help. Regular donations, no matter how big or small, will support WA’s brightest minds find more answers that will keep families together for longer.



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