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Give through your pay

Make a difference and provide vital funds for lifesaving medical research by donating to the Perkins through your weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay.

Information for Employees

Information for Employers

Information for Employees

One in two people will be directly affected by cancer in their lifetime. And heart disease, Australia’s number one killer, will take half of us – often far too soon. Finding medical answers to the diseases that impact our families takes time.

You can support medical research into the hardest-to-treat-cancers, heart disease, diabetes and rare genetic disease by joining your Workplace Giving program and making regular gifts from your salary to the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research. And you’ll be helping to keep families together for longer.

Workplace Giving (or Payroll Giving) is a way to donate to the Perkins directly from your pay before tax is calculated.

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More information about how to set up payroll donations, the benefits to you as an employee, and how your Workplace Giving donations can help medical researchers at the Perkins, check these Workplace Giving FAQs for Employees.

Information for employers

Workplace Giving is a simple and effective way for employees to donate and support medical research in WA through a regular pre-tax payroll deduction.

Workplace Giving can be good for business. It demonstrates to your employees and customers that your business is community-minded and committed to helping keep medical research alive in WA.

Money donated by your employees goes directly to the Perkins, to support researchers who are working hard to find the answers to devastating diseases that impact our families. Side by side, they’ll be working on kinder treatments and better outcomes to keep our families together for longer.

How do we set up a Workplace Giving Program?

Contact Celia for information about how to set up a Workplace Giving Program in your organisation. If you have an established program, Celia can also advise how to add the Perkins to your portfolio of supported charities.

You’ll also need to check:

What is Matched Giving?

Matched donations work hand-in-hand with Workplace Giving. Your organisation can choose to match your employees’ donations dollar for dollar, or at a capped amount. Matched giving also provides a tax benefit to the organisation.

A system of automated, regular donations set up in this way means researchers can better plan for the future. You and your employees are providing peace of mind, allowing researchers to spend more time at the bench seeking answers.

Westpac, BHP Billiton and Johnson & Johnson are just some of the many employers with a scheme dedicated to matching the gifts of their hardworking employers.


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