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Excellent research is fundamental to the development of lifesaving treatments and better diagnostics.

The Perkins combines world-class research laboratories and collaborative teams to pursue excellence in medical science with a focus on translating our research breakthroughs into better health for our community. Our teams have more than 400 research and clinical staff working together to reach toward new medical solutions and bring them closer.





Passionate biomedical engineers recognised in Premier’s science awards

Applying the tools used by oil and gas engineers to investigate how blood flows in the placenta during pregnancy led to Harry Perkins Institute PhD student being named joint winner…

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Harnessing the power of our brains

Our brains are the most powerful and efficient computing system there is. We are constantly processing huge amounts of information, while using a relatively minimal amount of energy. It’s this…

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Perkins Researchers Rebooting Evolution

The building blocks of life-saving therapeutics could be developed in days instead of years thanks to new software that simulates evolution. Proseeker is the name of a new computational tool…

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