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Our people are crucial to our success. We are recognised as providing an inclusive, friendly and collaborative workplace all within world class facilities. We respond by recruiting truly outstanding people and providing them with rewarding, enjoyable and meaningful careers. We offer careers in research as well as opportunities in fields such as marketing, finance, human resources, information technology and office support.


Below the current employment opportunities.

Trial participant


Join our growing army of more than 20,000 clinical trial participants. In doing so, you will help our clinical research team turn medical innovations into safe, effective treatments that will change lives. Anyone can apply, including backpackers and international students.


Corporate Social Responsibility Partner


The 2022 Fundraising Institute of Australia’s WA Fundraising Team of the Year is looking for a standout Corporate Social Responsibility Partner.

You will work alongside the Perkins’ existing and future corporate partners to support their charitable giving and help to promote, grow and fulfil their social responsibility goals and support their social license to operate.  You will do this by matching their goals with those of the Perkins.


Support structures

We place a strong emphasis on supporting and nurturing our employees. To help do this, we have established a number of support structures. Some of the ways we will support you in your career include:

Travel grants
The Perkins provides travel grants for staff to attend relevant national or international conferences.

Weekly seminars
Innovation in research can be realised by sharing ideas and broadening our exposure to advances in similar disciplines. The Perkins Seminar Series provides an opportunity for all employees to engage with a range of researchers, clinicians and other practitioners on medical research issues. Speakers range from students to world-renowned experts in their field. Seminars are held weekly.

Education assistance
We recognise the value of continual learning and encourage employees to pursue qualifications that will increase their job-related skills and knowledge. Assistance provided includes both financial assistance and assistance with working arrangements to balance the demands of work and education.

Employee assistance program
To ensure that support is available for employees with difficulties, our employees have access to an external counselling service. We provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or counselling service to provide assistance and information to all employees and their families on a voluntary and confidential basis.

Employee input
We value the input that we receive from employees. The input provided by employees is not only used to improve the working environment but also, where relevant, it is used to further develop and improve our operations. We encourage and facilitate employee feedback by providing options for employees to provide input in various ways. These include regular staff meetings, professional development reviews, online feedback and an open door policy.

Work life balance
We encourage an effective balance between work and outside-work commitments. Outside-work commitments may include family and carer responsibilities, further education, and involvement in various community organisations and activities. To help achieve and maintain an effective balance, we provide a range of flexible working arrangements, leave entitlements and other forms of assistance aimed at meeting the needs of employees with outside-work commitments.

Wes Allen

Research Associate

Wes joined the Perkins in 2015 as part of the BRITElab team, developing devices to assist surgeons during tumour removal surgery. In 2013, equipped with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Biomedical Engineering, Wes moved from Ireland to Western Australia. In January 2015 Wes started a PhD in the School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering at The University of Western Australia. During his time at the Perkins, Wes has had the opportunity to share his research outcomes broadly, both locally and internationally and credits the collaborative network he has formed during this time with helping his progress his important research.





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