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The Iron Metabolism Laboratory investigates the molecular mechanisms in normal iron metabolism and in the development of iron overload disorder hereditary haemochromatosis. We use transgenic murine models of iron overload and tumor cell lines to investigate cellular iron transport using radiolabelled tracers and expression of iron transporters and regulators of iron homeostasis. We have expertise in the area of molecular and cellular biology of iron including cell isolation and culture, iron transport, gene and protein expression, gene knockdown and immunohistochemistry. Our experience in these areas should be useful for participants in the ARC Metals in Medicine Network for the testing or screening of metals or metal complexes in biological systems.


New drug hope to slow liver cancer tsunami

Perth researchers funded to test new RNA drug.                                                   Professor Peter Leedman AO, Director Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and an international multidisciplinary team have received…

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WA’s role in cancer research

WA's role in cancer research OpEd Opinion piece, The West Australian: 20 January 2022, by Professor Leedman AO   In the treatment of cancers, there’s both good and bad news. The good news is that much progress has been made in the survival rates of most cancers. Patients diagnosed with…

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WA exceeds pre-pregnancy testing target for severe genetic diseases

Western Australia has exceeded its target of couples enrolled in pre-pregnancy screening in the $20m national program Mackenzie’s Mission. The study co-led by Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research geneticist Professor Nigel Laing AO this week exceeded its target of 1340 WA couples. The couples were screened for more than…

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