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Lab News & Events October 23, 2020
Prof Jonas Nilsson and Prof Lisa Nilsson

If you’re ever facing a devastating disease diagnosis, you’ll want the best medical care possible and access to the best scientific minds in your home State, working with local doctors and researchers to push forward improved outcomes for patients like you.

Now, thanks to your ongoing support, a world expert in Melanoma is moving to Perth from Sweden in the coming weeks.

Professor Jonas Nilsson, who is currently the Director of the Sahlgrenska Cancer Center in Gothenburg, Sweden, will take up the inaugural Chair in Melanoma position at the Perkins. Jonas, along with his wife and senior scientist Lisa are bringing two other melanoma experts to set up a new laboratory at the Perkins, together focused on finding new ways to combat melanoma – the third most common cancer diagnosed in Australia.

“Our team is investigating how we can alter immune cells outside a patient’s body and then reintroduce enhanced immune cells in large numbers to help that person fight off the disease,” Jonas said.

It’s directly because of the support of the Kirkbride family and friends, that WA can attract experts like Jonas to undertake their research here in Perth. Jonas’s position has been funded through donations collected in the community to honour the memory of Scott Kirkbride.

Thank you to everyone who has fundraised for melanoma research at the Perkins. You are powering the next life-changing discovery here in WA and are having an incredible impact on patients and their families.