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News & Events May 16, 2022

Suzanne Hall’s voice quavers and becomes tear-filled as she talks of the care she’s received from doctors, nurses, friends and family since being diagnosed with cancer last year.

The thought is simply overwhelming.

Yet get her onto the topic of giving to others and all strength and vigour returns.

Suzanne is a volunteer, one of the nearly 6 million volunteers being celebrated at this year’s National Volunteer Week from May 16.

The education assistant, who has worked in schools from Rockingham to Attadale, sets aside time for volunteering when she can.

“Giving time is very rewarding. Not everyone has money to give, but even if you can give money, I think everyone should experience giving of their time.

“It is part of being in a community. It’s a beautiful thing. Everyone should volunteer. A lot of goodness comes back when you give,” she says.

Despite being weakened by rounds of chemotherapy and having endured the challenges of losing her hair and painting on eyebrows she did what she could to support cancer research.

“I saw the New Town Toyota Walk for Women’s Cancer on Facebook and thought I’d like to help that, even though I wouldn’t be up to doing the Walk itself, so I helped pack 250 bags with sunscreen and water bottles and other things for the walkers who were raising money for women’s cancer research at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

“And then on the morning of the Walk my brother drove me to the start for ten minutes so I could see them off. It was a wonderful sight.”

Previously Suzanne has volunteered at St Vincent de Paul to help the homeless. The 58-year-old has a rare cancer of the fallopian tubes. Doctors are still searching to find the primary cancer.

Do you want to volunteer for the Perkins? Found out how here!