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By partnering with the Perkins, your Trust or Foundation will enable some of the greatest minds in medical research to discover lifesaving breakthroughs, giving families in WA and around the world the opportunity to live longer, healthier and better lives.

You can directly impact the outcomes for people living with the devastating diseases from diabetes to heart disease, rare genetic diseases, and the hardest-to-treat cancers.

Together, you can accelerate research that leads to treatments and better health outcomes for people around the world.

You will collaborate with our Key Relationships Team and our researchers, receive regular updates, and come face to face with the research teams, while also being one of the first to know about ground-breaking discoveries.

Partnering with the Perkins

By choosing to partner with the Perkins, you can shape the future of research.

A gift of $10,000 or more to either one of our four key areas of focus: cancer, heart disease, diabetes and rare genetic diseases, or towards a specific project, means that you can choose an area of impact that matches your values and philanthropic goals.

With years of philanthropic experience across the team, you will be working with our award-winning philanthropy specialists. Shelley, Stacie & Shannon will be on hand to help you tailor your impact in the way that suits you best.

Contact Us

I would be delighted to help you find an area of our research that interests you. Please email me to find out more or arrange an informal call about how you can make a difference.

Shannon Haggerty
Key Relationships Specialist
Email Shannon
T: (08) 6151 0981