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About Silver Lining

People who have previously pledged and kindly left a gift in their Will to Perkins are vital to funding many of the breakthroughs that our researchers are making now. No matter the size of the gift, they will always be part of our medical research, both now and into the future and for that we are truly grateful.

By leaving a future gift in your Will and joining the Perkins Silver Lining family, you are also ensuring the continuance of our medical research into the future, research that could one day make life-threatening diseases treatable and liveable for you and your loved ones.

We have called this special group of people our Silver Lining because every cloud has a silver lining.

How does Silver Lining membership work?

When we receive confirmation of your future gift, we’ll send you a special pack outlining what you can expect from us and you will be invited to join this special group of committed supporters, who understand the importance of medical research and better quality of health for our loved ones and families, and for future generations of our families who are yet to come.

As a Silver Liner you’ll receive invitations to special Perkins events that allow you to see how gifts like yours are making a difference, to meet our researchers and you’ll be the first to hear updates from the Director about our plans for the future – of which you are an important part.

To find out more or notify us of your intention to leave a gift, please contact our Planned Giving Advisor, Ann Macliver, on (08) 6151 0745.

Our commitment to you

To honour and recognise your wishes and your privacy at all times

To ensure you are informed of breakthroughs and discoveries at the Perkins

To  provide you with unique opportunities for you to experience life at the Perkins

To understand you might change your mind – we recognise circumstances change and your right to reconsider your decision at any time.

To respect your decision regarding your chosen level of engagement and communication with us.

To thank you and remember you for your legacy to the future of our medical research that you have so kindly chosen.

We will be there should you need us.

Contact Ann

Planned Giving Advisor

Leaving a gift in your Will is a very personal decision. If you’d like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Perkins Planned Giving Advisor, Ann Macliver.

T. 08 6151 0745
E. [email protected]
Office hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9am – 5pm

Together and through your future gift, we are creating better health outcomes for us all.