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Practical Advice and FAQs

Thank you for considering a gift in your Will to the Perkins.

We all want medical advancements for future generations – healthier lives, kinder and more effective treatments, and the best outcomes when the people you love face life threatening disease.

Your gift, whatever the size, can transform your Will into one of the most powerful tools for change by fuelling the WA medical research vital to improve health for generations ahead.

Preparing your Will needn’t be complex or expensive, but we always recommend you discuss your personal circumstances with a solicitor and your immediate family to ensure your Will is valid and reflects your intentions clearly.

Below are answers to the most asked questions about leaving a future gift in your will to the Perkins.

If you need more information or have any questions, you can contact Ann.

How do I leave a bequest to the Perkins?

Once you have decided to leave a gift in your Will to the Perkins, you will need to contact your solicitor to arrange to write or update your Will. Once it is ready and you are satisfied with the arrangements you have made, you will need to sign your updated Will before two witnesses and store it safely.


You’ll find more detailed information here

What will my solicitor need to know?

If you intend to include a gift in your Will your Solicitor will need the following:

  • ABN: 16 823 190 402
  • Address: 6 Verdun Street, Nedlands 6009 WA

They may also wish to see this suggested wording which you can download or print and give to your solicitor.

Can I name my gift in memory of a loved one?

Yes, you can include a gift in your Will that is named in honour or memory of a loved one. Please contact Ann to discuss your wishes and we’ll work with your guidance to respectfully recognise you and the person you would like to honour.

What are the different types of gift I can leave?

There are a number of ways you can direct gifts in your estate. We’d always ask that you take care of your loved ones first and then consider a charitable gift that best suits your circumstances.


The most beneficial gift to the Perkins is a percentage gift as it enables you to prioritise what matters most to you. The value of your gift will fluctuate over time as the value of your estate changes. If you provide for your loved ones first, a gift of just 3% of your estate can make an incredible impact on the future of medical research.


Here are the most common gift types –

  • Percentage: a percentage of either your entire estate or the residue.
  • Residuary: the remainder of your estate after all your other wishes have been fulfilled and expenses met.
  • Pecuniary: A set sum of money.
  • Specific gift: Something like property, stocks or shares, or art.

It’s important to note that superannuation and life insurance do not automatically form part of your estate. We recommend speaking to your solicitor or legal professional about making appropriate arrangements.

How will you use my gift?

We’ll use your generous bequest wisely and with care, to help WA researchers at the Perkins beat the toughest diseases.


You may be aware that research is funded primarily by unreliable short-term grants and just 10% of medical research grant applications are accepted. Your gift is so important to the Perkins because it helps to fill the funding gap and provides a safety net for these researchers.


Past gifts in Wills have been used to fund the purchase and maintenance of the latest equipment, bring international talent to the shores (and labs) of Western Australia and provide funding lifelines to promising projects when government grants have fallen short.


A portion of your gift will also be assigned to a medical research future fund (endowment) to provide a long-term stable source of funding well into the future.

How can I ensure that my gift is used for a specific purpose?

Your gift is personal to you so it’s very important to us that we honour your wishes and create a fitting legacy at the time your gift is realised. To ensure that the Perkins can carry out your wishes as you have specified, we urge you to contact Ann to discuss your intentions before making a gift that is restricted to a specific use. Once Ann understands your wishes, she will also be able to suggest the most suitable wording for your solicitor.


The COVID-19 pandemic and the near elimination of cervical cancers through the HPV vaccine are both prime examples of the ever-evolving focus of medical research teams. Therefore, it is our preference that gifts are unrestricted and can be used for the most urgent needs as determined by our Director at the time your future gift is realised.


I'd like to leave my body to the Perkins. How do I arrange that?

At this time the Perkins does not directly accept body donations for scientific use. The Department of Anatomy at UWA have the capacity to accept donations of this kind and you can find out more on their website.


Perkins researchers routinely work with local biobanks to obtain donated tissue from surgical procedures at nearby hospitals. We have approvals in place at Fiona Stanley Hospital, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Royal Perth Hospital and St John of God in Murdoch and Subiaco. If you’re undergoing planned surgery and wish to donate to a biobank, you should discuss your wishes with your surgeon.

Do I need to tell the Perkins if I leave a gift in my Will?

We’d greatly appreciate you letting us know if you decide to leave a gift in your Will to the Perkins. By doing so, you will give us the special opportunity to thank you for your kindness, discuss your wishes, and hear how you would like to receive updates about our work and future plans.


We can also discuss your preferred acknowledgement of your gift when it’s realised, and any updates you may like sent to your loved ones about the impact you’ve made.


However, we understand if you do not wish to share this information, and it is your decision whether you want to let us know.

How will a gift in my Will be acknowledged by the Perkins?

If you decide to leave a gift in your Will to the Perkins, you can discuss with Ann how you would like your gift to be acknowledged – both now and in the future.


We would be honoured to invite you to join a special group of committed supporters – the Perkins Silver Lining. Silver Lining members are an important and valued part of our future.


Like you, this wonderful group of people understands the importance of medical research. You’ll receive invitations to:

  • special Perkins events to meet the researchers who will share with you how gifts like yours are making a difference;
  • hear updates from the Director about plans for the future; and
  • you’ll be the first to know about our biggest announcements.

We’d love you to become part of our special Perkins Silver Lining family. Please get in touch with Ann if you would like to join.

Can I change or remove a gift in my Will after I've made it?

Your solicitor can help you change or update your Will at any time. We understand that your circumstances may change and while you’re not obligated to do so, we would appreciate being informed of changes. You can let Ann know at any time.

How much should I leave to the Perkins in my Will?

Any amount you’re able to give will be greatly appreciated by our research teams, as well as the families set to benefit from the breakthroughs made as a result of your generosity.


If you would like to find out more about the difference your gift can make, please contact Ann. Ann can help you visualise your impact by sharing with you the inspiring research happening today and our audacious goals for the future.

Can I leave everything to the Perkins?

We always ask that you consider your family first and ensure they are taken care of financially. You should talk through your wishes with your immediate family to ensure they understand your decision.


If you don’t have family or you have concluded that they’re cared for and would like to gift your entire estate to the Perkins, you can do this. We recommend that you discuss your circumstances with your solicitor for up-to-date legal advice.

If you still have questions that are not answered above, or you want to notify us of your intention to leave a gift, please contact our Planned Giving Advisor, Ann Macliver via email, or call her on +61 8 6151 0745.

Hugh Cahill

Lawyer, Cullen Macleod

We asked local lawyer Hugh Cahill from Cullen Macleod to break down some of the legal terms that you may encounter when writing your will.

Contact Ann

Planned Giving Advisor

Leaving a gift in your Will is a very personal decision. If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch with Perkins Planned Giving Advisor, Ann Macliver.

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