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Practical Advice

Your gift to the Perkins can transform your Will into one of the most powerful tools for change and have a lasting impact on the future of health here in Western Australia and beyond.

Preparing your Will needn’t be complex or expensive, but we always recommend you discuss your personal circumstances with your solicitor to ensure your Will is valid and reflects your intentions clearly.

At the Perkins, we understand your decision to leave a gift to medical research is very personal. We know there is a lot you may need to consider and encourage you to discuss your Will with your family. We have put together answers to the questions we are most commonly asked about leaving a charitable legacy:

How do I leave a gift to the Perkins in my Will?

We would always recommend using a solicitor to help you write or update your Will to ensure it is properly prepared, valid and clearly executed.

Your solicitor can ensure that the causes and loved ones you hold dear benefit from your Will exactly as you wish and help to minimise the risk of any disputes about your estate or your intentions.

What can I gift in my Will?

You can make a monetary gift from your estate that is residual or pecuniary (see explanations of these options below). You may also choose to dedicate your assets such as property, cars, jewellery, investments or shares. The Perkins can also be nominated as the beneficiary of a Superannuation Fund. We advise you speak to your super fund and/or solicitor to ensure this is distributed as per your wishes.

What is a residual gift?

A residual gift is a gifted percentage of your estate, after all your other wishes have been fulfilled and expenses met.

The value of a residual gift will rise with inflation, so it will be worth as much to us tomorrow as it is today. As this kind of gift doesn’t decrease with inflation, it is the most efficient way to support the Perkins.

Just a small percentage can go a long way. You can choose to gift the whole, a percentage, or remainder (residue) of an estate to the Perkins.

What is a pecuniary gift?

A pecuniary gift is a specific dollar value set at the time you make your Will. The value of pecuniary gift will decrease over time, as inflation and the cost of living increases over time.

What is a specific bequest/gift?

A specific bequest is a gift of a specific item of value i.e. a painting or a property.

What do I need to take to my solicitor if I choose to give a gift in my Will?

You will need to provide your solicitor with the legal name and ABN of your chosen beneficiary. If you choose to make a gift to the Perkins, we have wording that we recommend including in your Will. You can click here to print this key information or contact Ann.

What will my gift to the Perkins be used for?

Your gift will be used to realise our shared vision of a world-class research facility in Western Australia focussed on keeping families together for as long as possible.

Gifts made to the Perkins are used to fund the greatest area of need as deemed by our Director, at the given time. This may include funding the latest equipment, the best research teams and funding shortfalls for promising projects.

I’m considering leaving a gift – where can I get more information?

Contact Ann to arrange for an information pack to be sent to you with all the information you should require to make this decision. Ann can also arrange for you to visit the Perkins, hear more about our work and tour our facilities.

Ann understands that this is a very personal decision and will always be driven by your wishes.

Can I restrict my gift to a specific use?

Yes, your gift is personal to you and it’s important to us that we honour your wishes and create a fitting legacy upon acceptance of your future gift.

To check that the Perkins can carry out your wishes, we urge you to contact Ann to discuss your intentions before making a gift that is restricted to a specific use. Once Ann has an understanding of your aims, she may be able to suggest wording for your solicitor.

This method of giving can be restrictive and we may not be able to fulfil your request if it is too specific or if our focus changes. The COVID-19 pandemic and the near elimination of cervical cancers through the HPV vaccine, are both prime examples of the ever-evolving focus of medical research teams. For this reason, it is our preference that your gift be directed for general purpose.

The more flexibility we have to invest your gift in the best way possible, the better our chances are of receiving your intended gift and using it to fund medical research that will ultimately help people live longer and better quality lives.

Can I make a gift in my Will in honour of somebody else?

Yes, you can honour or pay tribute to a loved one this way. Please contact us to discuss how we can fulfil your wishes and respectfully recognise you and the person you have chosen to honour.

Do I need to tell the Perkins about my decision?

Whilst it is not obligatory, we urge you to let us know that you have made a commitment to our future.

We would love to have the opportunity to thank you and understand your wishes for the legacy you are kindly leaving in the hands of our researchers.

We’ll send you a special pack outlining what you can expect from us and, upon confirmation of your gift, you will be invited to join a special group of committed supporters who understand the importance of medical research to the future of this world.

We’ve named this special group of generous supporters with considerate foresight, the Perkins Silver Lining – because every cloud has a silver lining.

You’ll receive invitations to special Perkins events that allow you to see how gifts like yours are making a difference, to meet our researchers and you’ll be the first to hear updates from the Director about our plans for the future – of which you are an important part.

To find out more or notify us of your intention to leave a gift, please contact our Planned Giving Advisor, Ann Macliver, on (08) 6151 0745.

Hugh Cahill

Lawyer, Cullen Macleod

We asked local lawyer Hugh Cahill from Cullen Macleod to break down some of the legal terms that you may encounter when writing your will.

Contact Ann

Planned Giving Advisor

Leaving a gift in your Will is a very personal decision. If you’d like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Perkins Planned Giving Advisor, Ann Macliver.

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