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News & Events September 14, 2021

Families from around the world with debilitating inherited diseases will be the beneficiaries of a $1,284,836.30 grant by the Australian federal government to a leading Perth geneticist.

Dr Gina Ravenscroft, at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, will use the National Health and Medical Research Council’s Emerging Leader 2 (EL2) Investigator Grant to further her team’s search for the causes of genetic diseases that impact so many families.

“This support for the next five years will allow my team to explore the missing genetics of rare diseases, ranging from recurrent miscarriage to adult-onset neurodegenerative diseases.

“We will use a range of complementary genomic approaches and sequencing to identify novel genetic causes of disease.

“Giving patients and families answers regarding the cause of their disease is an incredibly rewarding aspect of our work,” says Dr Ravenscroft.

Dr Ravenscroft is recognised as a world leader in neuromuscular diseases and fetal akinesias, which are a group of abnormalities characterised by decreased fetal movement, and growth and is often fatal.

Investigator Grants are given to recognise and encourage innovation in research and to provide opportunities for talented researchers at all career stages to contribute to the improvement of human health.

“I was incredibly excited to receive this funding to support my research into the genetics of rare diseases. However, there was also a sense of “survivor guilt”. So many outstanding researchers miss out because there just isn’t enough money to support outstanding research in Australia. For many, this lack of funding is career ending.”

In 2020, the success rate for women EL2s was 8.4%, and 11.9% for men.

Link to Federal Health Minister’s media statement:


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