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One in two people will be directly affected by cancer in their lifetime. And heart disease, Australia’s number one killer, will take half of us – often far too soon.

As a Perkins Partner, you’ll be on the front line, finding medical answers to the diseases that impact our families the most.

Your partnership in WA medical research will have an immediate impact on your business, your team, but most of all, for your community.

Corporate Rewards

Partnering with the Perkins means joining forces with Western Australia’s premier medical research institute and 25-year strong brand.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased positive brand awareness in the community through your commitment to finding better health outcomes for people living with cancer, heart disease, diabetes and rare genetic disease.
  • Alignment of shared values of Respect, Innovation, Passion and Collaboration
  • Amplification of your brand across the Perkins engaged loyal audience of 320,000+ supporters.
  • Recognition as a community leader using your generosity to support local WA innovations and find kinder treatments to keep our families together longer.
  • Boosted morale, loyalty and engagement within your organisation, while giving back to your local community
  • A dedicated relationship manager to help you meet your community objectives.

What you’re helping to create today could save lives tomorrow.

How does my company's support help medical research in WA?

Did you know that around 90% of medical research grant applications are knocked back? And in WA, that percentage is even higher. There simply isn’t enough federal government funding to go around.

Your investment in the health and wellbeing of our community helps to fill the funding gap that researchers in WA are fighting every day. Your vital support means that researchers can spend more time in the lab, and less time wondering where their next funding lifeline is coming from.

Your company’s philanthropic investment in medical research in WA shows your commitment to their health and wellbeing. As a Perkins Partner, you’re a part of the innovation and collaboration that drives our mission, and together, we’ll be helping to keep families together for longer.


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Speak to Meg today about how partnering with the Perkins can raise your profile as an organisation giving back to the community.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Manager
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