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Research shows that volunteering efforts yield a 450% return for every dollar invested.

~Pro Bono Australia


Perkins Partners are invited to engage their team members to actively participate in supporting medical research. As a preferred charity partner of yours, your employees are welcome to nominate for volunteer activities throughout the year.

Whether you offer paid volunteer days for individual employees or want to participate as a team at one of our marquee fundraising events like the Cancer200:Ride for Research (mid-October) or the Walk for Women’s Cancer (end April), there’s always something interesting for your team to do to show that they’re helping to find answers to serious disease.

Benefits of Corporate Volunteering at the Perkins

As a Perkins Partner taking advantage of volunteer opportunities, you’ll be instilling a strong culture of teamwork and giving back to the community.

  • Your staff loyalty gets stronger, enabling people to contribute to helping the community in a way that’s meaningful to them on a personal level.
  • Your brand perception grows among external stakeholders when they see that you are actively making a difference and supporting local innovation.
  • Participating employees build stronger teams through collaborations with people from other departments within your organisation.
  • Your team gets to learn new skills or apply their existing knowledge in new environments.
  • Your business networks expand through new connections beyond your corporate world.
  • Your team are happier, kinder, and more engaged with you and your business.

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