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The shaker incubator simultaneously shakes and incubates bacteria at 37°C to encourage bacterial growth. When DNA of interest is added, mixed with electrical pulses, combined with a broth and incubated overnight, the DNA is multiplied along with the bacteria.

How it can help

Researchers require copious quantities of DNA for their experiments to develop kinder and more effective treatments for disease. The bacterial DNA produced by the shaker incubator can be used to test the effectiveness of potential drugs for diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Your impact

With your help, we can work towards the next medical breakthrough together. Your contribution toward a shaker incubator can help bring researchers one step closer to improving outcomes for patients.

The shaker incubator’s ability to supply researchers with DNA samples is of great importance to a number of research projects undertaken at the Perkins. It allows researchers to trial potential treatments and evaluate the efficacy of treatments that could one day be used to treat patients and save lives.

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Shaker Incubator

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