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Hula 10 minutes everyday in September, get fit and raise money for heart research in WA!

This is a Facebook Fundraiser challenge – and it’s easy to sign-up:

  1. Join the special Perkins Hula 4 Heart Facebook group
  2. Register for the event through the link on the Facebook group page
  3. Share your Facebook Fundraiser page, which will be created automatically when you register, with your friends and family and ask them to donate to your Hula-hooping challenge!

Once you register, you’ll get a Welcome Pack containing:

  • Perkins Hula 4 Heart wristband
  • Daily Hula tracker, so you can keep a record of your Hula-goals
  • Sweepstakes sheet, to help you raise money towards your fundraising goal
  • Information about what you’re fundraising for, and the amazing researchers who you’re supporting.

As a registered Hula-hooper, you’ll receive messages via Messenger app, with hints and tips for how to polish your Hula skills, and how to make the most of your Facebook Fundraising page.

In the Perkins Hula 4 Heart Facebook group, you’ll also find other Hula-fanatics who have signed up to get fit and raise vital funds for medical research into cardiovascular disease.

And we’re never far away – you’ll also meet John, our Perkins Hula 4 Heart host-with-the-most, who will guide you through the event and make sure you have everything you need to get started and Hula your way to a healthy heart (and raise money for heart disease research in WA)!

Want to join but don’t have a Hula hoop?

We’ve got you covered – be one of the first 200 people to register and raise $90 on your Facebook Fundraiser page, and we’ll send you a weighted Perkins Hula for free!

What are you waiting for? HOOP to it!

Fundraising Toolkit

Click the icons or the links below to download your fundraising toolkit.

Fundraising Planner Daily Activity Tracker

Sweepstakes Table

Meet the Researchers

Social Media Tiles

Click on each image below to download and share on your social media!


Perkins Hula 4 Heart


On your Facebook page


  1. Join the Perkins Hula 4 Heart Facebook Group
  2. Register for the event on the link on group page
  3. Share your Facebook Fundraiser page with family and friends


Register Now! And then Hula for 10 minutes every day in September!


To be healthy, and to keep heart research alive in WA, so we can:

  • Predict heart attacks before they happen
  • Reduce the need for amputations due to cardiovascular disease
  • Create 3D-printed biopolymer heart valves that never need replacing!